TU Cares Day TU Cares Day Come out Sunday, April 26th for TU Cares Day! Get your organization and friends to come out in full force. TU Cares Day is an initiative geared towards strengthening the relationship not only between Temple Students and Alumni, but also the surrounding community, through the act of service. Temple Student Government Applications Interested in a position in Temple Student Government. Check out all the open positions for the upcoming year. Temple Student Government Applications
General TSG Meetings General TSG Meetings Want to be a part of Temple University's student voice? Try joining the discussion with representatives from some of the 300+ student clubs and organizations every Monday at 4pm in room 200C at Temple Student Government's General Assembly meetings. General Assembly meetings offer students the opportunity to network and promote events while learning about new programs on campus and engaging with exciting guest speakers. Can't attend a meeting? Then follow us on twitter @templetsg and look for our live updates via #GAlivetweet.

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