Temple Pride

Tell the Temple Made Story

Shape the Relationship with President Theobald: Our administration will make it a priority to create a strong relationship with President Theobald that will build a firm foundation for future TSG administrations. We will provide the president’s office with information about upcoming student events and ways the president can be of service.

Work with the new marketing department: Temple United is on board with President Theobald’s exclamation that the Temple Made story needs to be further publicized. We will work with the newly created marketing department to ensure that every facet of Temple University’s academia will be represented. This includes arts, research, academics, athletics, community service and any other positive role. We will work with Student Activities and Main Campus Program Board to display our on campus activities through social media in a way that not only targets Temple students but students across the country.

Specifically add the arts to Campus Life and Diversity director jurisdiction: Students engaged in the arts need to be better represented in our discussions about what it means to be Temple Made. Our Campus Life and Diversity Director will be tasked with reaching out to organizations in the Center of the Arts to receive more input from students involved in the arts. The director will create an arts caucus to streamline communication between students in the Center of the Arts and Temple Student Government.

T for Temple U: We will bring a new approach to the discussion over student use of the Temple “T”. We will ask for TSG to be given the ability, with student activities, to approve the use of the Temple “T” on one item per student organization, per school year.