Student Organizations

A Faster and Easier STARS Audit: Temple United aims to establish a process in which STARS requirements can be verified through a one-time per semester electronic application/summary rather than constant updating of Symplicty throughout the semester. This will cut down on the time it takes for student organizations to maintain their Symplicty accounts.

More emphasis on events and professional development for STARS: The STARS program is in need of reform to focus on the student organization participating in efforts that benefit the student population rather than filling a workshop room. We plan to encourage four types of student organization events; collaborative, city immersion, alumni, and community service as ways to improve STARS ranking, minimizing the workshop requirements.

Collecting Organization Leader Feedback: In an effort to focus on the quality of the student leader experience, Temple United will distribute a survey to all student organization leaders about topics such as allocations, room reservations, student activities, personnel, student center operations and Symplicity in order to find ways to improve the experience for student organizations. This will provide a new avenue of communication between TSG administration and student organization leaders.

Making the Diamonds Rating Process More Friendly for Greeks: Temple United will establish a panel of Greek leaders to review, simplify, and improve the current diamonds ratings system. There will be clear communication with Greek leaders regarding the benefits and rewards of this rating system. Temple United will also attend TUGA meetings to stay up to date on Greek life.
Publish Approved Allocations Online: Temple United will publish all approved allocations requests on the TSG website to provide concrete examples of proper applications and transparency for the thousands of dollars allocated by TSG.