Student Life

Athletic Cuts

After this year’s decision to cut 5 of our Division I programs TU Believe will continue the current administration’s effort to maintain a watchful eye over the academic, psychological, and emotional well-being of those athletes affected.  In addition, we pledge to aggregate support of all sports during our time at Temple.  We vow to maintain the current administration’s messaging of “We’re All Owls.  We’re All Family.”

Regular Canvasing of Campus

 As leaders of the student body we believe that transparency and visibility is of the utmost importance.  We promise to regularly go out onto campus in a casual setting to ask students what issues they face at Temple and where we can most successfully advocate for them.  After pulling these issues together, we will personally see the issues through to the proper administrator and get the answers or resolutions that students deserve.

Restructure of the General Assembly Meetings

Starting with our administration we will change the cycle of the GA meetings. We will alternate our larger body meetings with committee meetings in the same room at the same time.  This will give GA members an opportunity to break down into smaller groups and have their voices heard.

Extending Safe Zone Training

 As the country pushes forward in equality, it is the task of our generation to become as educated as possible in the fight for our peers’ rights when it comes to LGBTQIA issues.  As of now, Safe Zone training is only offered to select groups of students. Under TU Believe, we wish to hold open sessions and trainings to educate any students who wish to certify themselves as allies.  TU Believe hopes this can be considered for a STARS workshop.

 Creation of a Student Social Media Committee

 As the University moves towards using social media and digital communications as a form of crisis communications and sending out important messaging, TU Believe will create a student social media committee comprised of the social media managers of different student organizations.  This will expose these social media managers to administrators who run Temple University’s communications channels and be a way for the University to relay messaging to an even greater number of students.