Student Life

Living at Temple

Host a round table discussion with students from all residence halls: With the addition of Morgan Hall and its amenities, the state of on campus living and dining will be changed drastically. Temple United will host multiple discussions with on-campus students to address any new challenges. We will work with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Office of University Housing and Residential Life to resolve these issues.

Promote the resources of the Office of Off-Campus Housing: During move-in and lease renewal periods Temple United will strongly push the Office of Off-Campus Housing and their online resources such as government agencies and the Good Neighbor Policy for students living off campus. We will also make a strong push to promote Off-Campus Housing Fairs and include local landlords to the list of attendees.

Student Safety

Promote Campus Safety Resources: We will work with TUPD to promote resources like TUReady, TU Alert and the new Temple Police twitter account so students are aware of safety resources and how to prepare themselves for situations on campus.

Better Knowledge of the off campus boundaries: Our administration will work with TUPD to assess off campus living boundaries using the address verification completed by all students on TUPortal this past semester. Understanding where Temple students live will enable us to better protect them.

Mental Health Improvements

Promote the HEART Program: Temple United intends to further promote the invaluable services available at the HEART Wellness Resource Center, which helps students with a wide variety of complications and issues in college life.

More Counseling Hours: We will work with Tuttleman Counseling Services to provide after-hours services past the standard 5PM closing time.