Student Government

Reform of the General Assembly

Promote Open Forum Topics: We will build on the fruitful new open forum style of the General Assembly by setting topics for discussion three weeks in advance so that the communications team can promote these topics, bringing a wider range of opinions to our meetings.

Live Tweeting Meetings: A member of the social media team will be tasked with live tweeting our General Assembly Meetings as a way to keep students connected and have a record of what was discussed. This will allow our General Assembly Meeting discussions to carry on after the meeting and encourage more students to give their input.

Share good things happening on campus: Temple United will look to build Temple pride by adding a new segment to the GA where an administration member will highlight an engaging story about something going on at Temple that might ordinarily be lost in the shuffle. These will be things like a new research breakthrough, a special honor a student has received, or a program at Temple that received a good ranking. Something great is always happening at Temple and should be shared with everyone.

Weekly Administration Address: Darin, Cree or Sonia will deliver a weekly address, posted to the TSG YouTube account, which will inform students of what TSG is currently working on, with whom we’ve met, what was discussed, and new topics on the horizon. This is another Temple United effort to close the gap between students, their student body leaders, and the Temple administration.