Local Community

Giving back to North Philadelphia

Adopt A Block

The success of the Adopt A Block program is evident and we would like to keep this initiative going throughout our administration.  In tandem with Campus Safety Services we wish to expand the program to include more blocks, more student organizations, and involve our local community as well.

Campus & Building Safety

 As an institution in an urban environment TU Believe recognizes that Campus Safety is always our number one priority.  As technology gets better TU Believe will assist Campus Safety in advocating for more ways to keep students safe.  In addition, TU Believe will perform our own audits and monitoring of security officers in our academic buildings to create comprehensive reports to give to campus safety regarding the performance of security personnel.

A Partnership with Back on My Feet Philadelphia

 In an effort to give students more opportunity to exercise and help those around Philadelphia experiencing homelessness, TU Believe will culture a partnership with our student body and Back on My Feet Philadelphia.  Back on My Feet is a national non-profit that helps those experiencing homelessness get back on their feet through running and exercise.  Our ticket has already confirmed the possibility of the partnership and is ready to move forward.