Academic Greatness, Graduating on Time, Reducing our Debt

More online and hybrid summer courses: Temple United will make more online or hybrid summer classes available to students. This will make summer courses much more affordable and will allow students to live at home over the summer.

A more efficient priority registration process: Temple United aims to incorporate consideration of major/minor in the registration process of individual students to prevent difficulties registering for prerequisite or elective courses within their major due to the current credit base system.

Easier Transfer of Credits: Temple United will advocate for policies that allow community college and dual enrollment high school credits to transfer more easily.

Book Share Program: Temple United will work with academic departments such as Intellectual Heritage/Mosaics to try a pilot “book share” program. This program will encourage students to sell back their books to the department who will then redistribute these books to students the following semester free of charge. This book sharing process will continue until the curriculum requires a new text, in which case the buyback process will begin again.

More affordable mass transportation (SEPTA): Temple United will work with the diamond dollars office to make OWLcards compatible with the new contactless payment system SEPTA is implementing. This would allow students to use their OWLcard as a trans pass and use diamond dollars to pay for SEPTA fares. We would also work with the Bursar’s office to expand the SEPTA student pass so it can be purchased at any point during the semester rather than only at the beginning.